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Havana: imagination and reality

What Havana and Cuba, in general, transmit to the world, everbody must be tired of knowing: Rum, propaganda of Che and Fidel, Mojito, historic buildings, old cars, musicality, Daiquiri, Malecón <3, etc…

Combinando em Havana :)

Combining in Havana :)

Degustação de rum, um dos maiores produtos de exportação de Cuba, no museu do Rum, em Havana.

Rum tasting at the Rum museum in Havana.

O tradicional Mojito do La Bodeguita Del Medio (lugar que ficou conhecido pelo seu mais famoso frequentador: Hemminway)

The traditional Mojito of La Bodeguita Del Medio (place that was known by its most famous guest: Hemminway)

Preparação de Daiquiri, no famoso La Floridita, também devido ao cliente fiel Hemminway.

Preparation of Daiquiri, in the famous La Floridita.

Curiosa imagem no nosso caminho de todo dia entre o Centro de Habana e a Habana Vieja

Curious image took in our daily path between the Center of Habana and Old Havana

What I didn’t know is that behind this Cuba, let’s say traditional, there are many other sensations and flavors to discover. I had the pleasure of trying some of them and now I share with you.

From now on, I say that our biggest source of research were the Lonely Planet travel guide (I bought the English version, as I didn’t find it in Portuguese) and updated travel blog posts on internet.

In that guide we got almost all the tips on where we should eat and drink in Havana, mainly because it isn’t uncommon we have troubles with food and beverage during our trips. If you understand what I mean… 😉

We visited the very good La Guarida and we didn’t regret. The entrance to the building where this restaurant is located is quite unusual. Think of an abandoned building with walls needing a renovation. This is the entrance of La Guarida … until you go up the stairs and access the halls where tourists, especially, have a great meal and a special view from Havana. Reservations are highly recommended.

Entrada do La Guarida

Entrance of La Guarida

View of one of the salons of La Guarida

Lonely Planet guide also gave us the tip of visiting Fusterland, an eccentric neighborhood all adorned in tiles. According to its idealizer, José Fuster, a homage to the Spanish Gaudi. :)

Fusterland is a bit far from Habana Vieja and downtown Habana. We chose to get there by car and we made sure to agree about the price we would pay for the cab with the gentle driver, who took us and still waited for us to bring back to Havana Vieja. (Cabs and bicitáxi aren’t cheap if compared to other turistic places in the world)

We had a good time there, however it could have been even better in a sunny day. That day rained cats and dogs in Havana and we had to spend more than half a hour inside a gallery waiting for Saint Peter collaborates with our tour. 😉

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As good fans of street art that we are, we didn’t miss the opportunity to make registers of some graffiti and murals around Havana. It was a great surprise to see a “modern” art mixed with those historic buildings. Amazing!

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Arte de rua em Havana

Arte de rua em Havana

Cuba, I miss you already! I hope one day to meet you again and get surprised many other times. <3