Reasons to go to Brazilian Amazon

We are tired of commenting that we, brazilians, don’t know the Amazon rainforest. I decided some time ago to leave this statistic that I was not proud of. After all, I was born so close, however I had never been there before.

No! It doesn’t take great planning or financial investment to travel to the forest, although there are many options for all tastes and profiles of travelers. I would say that a handful of goodwill and luck in finding a flight promotion are already more than enough to reach the northern region of Brazil. And that’s what happened to me.

In January of this year (just when that prison problem occurred on the spot, remember?), I spent six days, divided between Manaus and a jungle hotel in the middle of the Forest, more precisely on the banks of the Juma River. And, yes, I went by myself!

I lived one of the most incredible experiences of my life there and here are some of the reasons why I strongly recommend including Manaus and region in the upcoming travel itineraries:

1) The arrival in the Amazonian capital is one of the most incredible that my eyes have ever seen.

Reparem no mundaréu de água doce

2) Manaus is quite rich in culture and history. This city, for example, was the first capital to have electricity in Brazil. Walking through its streets and squares, it is easy to see the colorful historic buildings embellishing the place.

Vista do Largo de São Sebastião. a partir do Teatro Amazonas.

View of Largo de São Sebastião, from Amazonas Opera House

3) Manaus is full of urban art, especially graffiti. You can easily find murals with reference to the indigenous culture.

4) It is worth it to try the local cuisine. I really liked the “x-caboquinho”, a sandwich stuffed with cheese and tucumã, a fruit of the region very rich in vitamins A, B and C. They say it has 90 times more vitamin A than avocado. 😮

Salivei! :p


5) You have the possibility to connect with your origins, for example, visiting Indian reservations.

Visitando uma reserva indígena próximo a Manaus

Visiting an indigenous reservation next to Manaus

6) It is possible to have unforgetable jungle experiences in a safe and organized way (I will write more about a next post), and without paying much for it.

Contemplando o nascer de um novo dia no meio da Floresta Amazônica

Contemplating the sunrise in the middle of the Amazon Forest (me: hat and yellow t-shirt)

7) There are several surprises along the way. The Amazon is superlative.

Encontro casual ;)

Casual meeting ;)

8) In the region, cultural exchange is intense.

Na foto, temos: brasileiros, uruguaio, iraniano, chinesa e guianense

Here we have: Brazilians, Uruguayan, Iranian, Chinese and Guyanese

3 thoughts on “Reasons to go to Brazilian Amazon

  1. Mara Vanessa

    Minha amiga,

    Eu não fazia ideia de que Manaus foi a primeira capital a ter luz elétrica no Brasil. Nossa! Quanta coisa desconhecemos – e que excitante isso, pois nos possibilita a alegria da surpresa.

    Fiquei interessada em provar o “x-caboquinho” (adorei o nome!). Continue nos presenteando com suas ricas e afetivas impressões.

    Beijos de quem está ainda mais interessada nos mistérios da Amazônia brasileira,

    1. carolslittledreams Post author

      E não se resume mesmo, Karen. Você está certa. 😉
      Infelizmente, eu só tive a chance, nesse momento, de conhecer Manaus e algumas cidades que margeiam o Rio Juma, como você pode ver nas fotos. Mas já foi suficiente para me dar uma ideia da grandiosidade da Floresta Amazônica e querer retornar. :)


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