New year, new chances

I believe that changes of habits and the fulfillment of new and old desires, can be influenced by the beginning of a new year. Thinking about it is that every December, I reflect on what I would like to change or accomplish for the cycle that is about to start. Generally, I write my goals on a special book note, which I can easily follow over the next 12 months.

I always remember what my friend Mara, inspired by her mother, says: “there is nothing that can not come true with will, planning and action.”

Thinking and believing on it, among other purposes, for 2017, I want to connect even more with myself. For this, I would like to practice yoga and meditate again; to practice more outdoor sports, such as trails and water sports; to continue writing some thoughts on this blog…

What about you? Do you adopt a different strategy? How do you plan for a new year?

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF US! 2017 has already started beautiful! :)

Agendinha 2017, presente do meu pai. <3

Vibrant book note 2017 gift from my dad. <3

Remo para Rumos :)

Remo para Rumos :)

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