Confession and impressions about Jordan

Na fronteira entre Israel e Jordânia

On the border between Israel and Jordan

I must confess that I underestimated Jordan for lack of knowledge.

This South-East Asian country caught my attention, at first place, by having in its territory one of the New Wonders of the Modern World – Petra. After two days of a bus trip through its territory, I realized that the Jordanian Haxemite Kingdom, its official name, goes far beyond that. Below are some impressions …

Diante do Tesouro, em Petra

In front of the Treasury in Petra

a) It is a country with more than 90% of muslim that live well with practitioners of other religions. Our guide, for example, was a Christian;

Aman, a capital do país

Aman, the capital of Jordan

b) Jordanians have great appreciation for the royal family (Jordan is a constitutional monarchy). The Queen Rania Al Abdullah is well known, world-wide, for her beauty and style;

c) Jordan is a country open to refugees, mostly from Syria and Palestine;

d) It is in Jordan that the largest archaeological sites related to the Roman empire outside of Rome take place;

e) It is through Jordan that the Palestinians enter in the Palestinian Territory when they travel by plane to other countries, since many of them have the entrance prohibited in Israel;

f) Jordanians can understand more Portuguese than we can imagine. In conversations we had they reported me some similarities.

Eu continuo sem entender nada de árabe... rs

I still do not understand any Arabic … rs

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