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It is impossible not to be amazed by what we see in Petra. Consequently, it was chosen as one of the Seven Wonders of the Contemporary World.

As we planned our trip through Israel, we realized checking the local tourism sites that there is a two-day tour to Jordan, through Amam and Petra. I confess that visiting Petra was not on my top-travel list. However, since we faced with that real possibility, I started to read and inform myself as much as possible about the place and, I can say: I was enchanted!

Arriving in Petra, my reaction was none other than being absolutely surprised the most of the time, not only for the stunning beauty of the place, but also for physical efforts we need to do in order to access its key points.

See the pictures below and tell me whether or not I had reason to react like that !?

Durante o caminho até o segundo

On the way to the second “key point” of Petra, there are many sellers of diverse items, like pomegranate juice and magnets.

Obrigada, Deus, por colocar diante desses olhos tanta beleza.

Thanks, God, for putting such beauty in front of my eyes! <3

Para pessoas com mobilidade reduzida ou problemas no joelho, como eu, há alternativas de transporte dento da cidade-rosa.

For people with reduced mobility or knee problems, like me, there are alternative transportation within the pink city.

Confession and impressions about Jordan

Na fronteira entre Israel e Jordânia

On the border between Israel and Jordan

I must confess that I underestimated Jordan for lack of knowledge.

This South-East Asian country caught my attention, at first place, by having in its territory one of the New Wonders of the Modern World – Petra. After two days of a bus trip through its territory, I realized that the Jordanian Haxemite Kingdom, its official name, goes far beyond that. Below are some impressions …

Diante do Tesouro, em Petra

In front of the Treasury in Petra

a) It is a country with more than 90% of muslim that live well with practitioners of other religions. Our guide, for example, was a Christian;

Aman, a capital do país

Aman, the capital of Jordan

b) Jordanians have great appreciation for the royal family (Jordan is a constitutional monarchy). The Queen Rania Al Abdullah is well known, world-wide, for her beauty and style;

c) Jordan is a country open to refugees, mostly from Syria and Palestine;

d) It is in Jordan that the largest archaeological sites related to the Roman empire outside of Rome take place;

e) It is through Jordan that the Palestinians enter in the Palestinian Territory when they travel by plane to other countries, since many of them have the entrance prohibited in Israel;

f) Jordanians can understand more Portuguese than we can imagine. In conversations we had they reported me some similarities.

Eu continuo sem entender nada de árabe... rs

I still do not understand any Arabic … rs