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Live and let live

When you travel to a distant place (not only physically) from the reality of everyday life, the tendency is to happen an initial astonishment. In my case, this “shock” is usually accompanied by a greater improvement of the senses, and here I am not referring only to the “sixth sense” … I look more focused; the hearing gets more concentrated to the sounds or to the silence; the smell gets absolutely intensified … I live the present, as if I didn’t remember of the past or even about the expectations and anxieties of the future.

These sensory connections allow me to live the here and now, in a state of attention. I feel alive and complete, as I often forget to exercise when I am in my “natural habitat.” This is then, for me, one of the great benefits of moving toward new experiences.

I will never forget my first days in Jerusalem. I felt absolutely “lost” and this had nothing to do with not knowing where I was. No. I felt absorbed in a new reality. A reality in which religion utterly dictates people’s lives. I even felt a bit “unfaithful.” For a Christian Catholic woman who grow up her faith in the midst of a parish community, experiencing Jerusalem in the first two days, was at least a reason for a lot of meditation.

Pelas ruas de Jerusalém provando novos sabores

Through the streets of Jerusalem tasting new flavours.

I also hope to never forget the surprise I had when I realized that, yes, it is possible to live in the midst of rivers in the Amazon. The boat shuttle to come and go everywhere. The trade with scarce items kept on “palafitas” (houses above the water). Children who can’t go to school in the heavy flood season. The life that is maintained through the nutrients offered by the forest itself and rivers. The fact that, in the XXI century, a family doesn’t have television at home and only know the outside world through the news heard on a radio stack. This was all shocking to see with my own eyes.

Água que não acaba mais (a época das chuvas ainda não tinha nem começado)

Water everywhere (the rainy season hadn’t yet started) – market in the background.

Goiaba colhida no quintal da casa de caboclos

Guava harvested in the backyard of the caboclos house

The stay in Jordan was short but lasting enough to realize the lack of presence of women in day-to-day tourist activities, such as the maintenance of a Bedouin camp where we spent the night in Petra. The men served the meals; they were also the responsible for entertaining the tourists with their singing and clapping of synchronized palms. I didn’t see any woman in the place. I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that in Jordan 90% of the population is Muslim, according to Wikipedia, but seeing a reality so different from the one I live in my country was a true expansion of consciousness.

Campo beduíno em Petra (essas barraquinhas brancas são os quartos).

Bedouin camp in Petra (these tents are the bedrooms, dining room and collective restrooms).

Confraternizando em Petra

Confraternizing in Petra

Last but not least, I remember Cuba. Anyone who goes to Havana and is not impressed, definitely didn’t experience the reality of the place. In Havana, there is almost no advertising. The only ones that exist make reference to the socialism and the figures of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. I didn’t even see the picture of the brother Raul. I don’t believe that the “regime” still works in its entirety, but by official propaganda, it is in full execution. I don’t think I have ever seen a people so similar to the Brazilians as the Cuban. And I’m not just talking about the physical characteristics … they’re rhythmic, they love to dance, and they share an admirable positivity. I wish I had taken candies to distribute to the children. These items are absolutely rare there.

Na Fusterlândia (ainda escreverei um post contando sobre esse lugar em Havana)

In Fusterland

Dentro de uma farmácia em Havana (repare na foto de Che no mural)

Photo taken inside a drugstore in Havana while a guy treated my newly injured foot (note Che’s picture and message about the Revolution on the mural)

Essa foto poderia ter sido tirada em Salvador ou em São Luís do Maranhão não fosse pelas crianças jogando basebol.

This photo could have been taken in Salvador or in São Luís, Maranhão State, apart for the sport (baseball) chosen…

“Window to my world”

Havana - junho 2017

Havana – June 2017

I appropriated and adapted myself the title of the song “Window to the world”, from Milton Nascimento, with a purpose of inspiring me and writing this post, in which I evaluate a year of creation of the blog carolslittledreams. <3

The carolslittledreams was the result of a wish to express myself apart from the common and useful social media, especially instagram. In those few lines of ig posts, usually accompanied by photos, I like to tell stories, but the space is limited… So my dear friend Mara Vanessa and my boyfriend gave the incentive that was missing.

After venturing to take a digital nomadism course in late 2015 / early 2016, I learned the basics of creating a blog. That’s why this space also arose from the need to put into practice the newly acquired knowledge.

The carolslittledreams is not a travel blog but it could be because most of my little dreams are related to the expansion of consciousness that usually only a trip can provide. Some of the experiences that I have shared during these 12 months, for example, the Camino de Santiago (The Way of Saint James) – my biggest inspiration for the blog -, the solo trips through Portugal and Brazil, the meeting with my pilegrine friends in Denmark, the first time on the Asian continent, visiting Israel, Palestine and Jordan (the latter still in the phase of writing the posts) and many others that are still to come, have positively transformed me. <3

Petra/Jordânia - março 2017

Petra/Jordan – March 2017

Zurique/Suíça - março 2017

Zurich/Switzerland – March 2017

The carolslittledreams is truly a space in which I allow to open myself a little bit more and share with loved people some thoughts and reflections that I have been having. This is one of the windows to my world. 😉

Travel experiences, the change of State in Brazil (from Piauí to Federal District), the hair transition (long and straigh hair to my original curlies) and the way of living have given me enough inspiration to write. I hope so to continue as long as I wish …

Inspirações pelo Caminho de Santiago - maio 2016

Inspirations on  the Caminho de Santiago – May 2016

Thanks for your company and always kind words!