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Quinta do Mocho: a place to go in Lisbon

In times of great discussion about graffiti in Brazil, I would like to share one of the incredible experiences I have had the opportunity to live recently.

It is a street art tour through Lisbon, more precisely, in Quinta do Mocho.

Quinta do Mocho is a social district, located in Loures, close to Lisbon airport. It was created especially to welcome families of africans, coming from the former Portuguese colonies in that continent. It comprises more than 40 residential buildings, arranged in a village or “condomínio” form, as we know it here in Brazil.

We learned of this place through a private street art tour that we hired with Filomena, from the Estrela D’alva tour, in Lisbon, where Vasco, a graffiti specialist, led us through the main interventions in the city and its surroundings.

Vasco left Quinta do Mocho for the end of the tour. It was the “grand finale”. Here’s why:

Vasco told us that the locals had made a single demand: that a mural of Bob Marley were painted. 😉 Unfortunately, we do not photograph it, but I can say that is also absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

Here’s another piece of information: Quinta do Mocho, after all these murals, is gaining a “new air”, so to speak. Bus lines have started to circulate to the place. Small businesses have begun to emerge within the neighborhood. The residents are prouder to say that they live in Quinta do Mocho.

It is now known as an open-air art gallery. After all, there are more than 43 large murals occupying the space of existing buildings. I have read in some blogs, that it would even be the Europe’s largest open-air art gallery.

My personal impressions: I felt something very special walking through the alleys of Quinta do Mocho and every moment come across those huge murals. The cheerful songs that played inside the houses, whose high sound reached us, made me delve into the difficult reality of the residents of the neighborhood and their hope in better days. It was intense and shocking to be on that Sunday morning at Quinta do Mocho. I want and hope to return one day. <3

New year, new chances

I believe that changes of habits and the fulfillment of new and old desires, can be influenced by the beginning of a new year. Thinking about it is that every December, I reflect on what I would like to change or accomplish for the cycle that is about to start. Generally, I write my goals on a special book note, which I can easily follow over the next 12 months.

I always remember what my friend Mara, inspired by her mother, says: “there is nothing that can not come true with will, planning and action.”

Thinking and believing on it, among other purposes, for 2017, I want to connect even more with myself. For this, I would like to practice yoga and meditate again; to practice more outdoor sports, such as trails and water sports; to continue writing some thoughts on this blog…

What about you? Do you adopt a different strategy? How do you plan for a new year?

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF US! 2017 has already started beautiful! :)

Agendinha 2017, presente do meu pai. <3

Vibrant book note 2017 gift from my dad. <3

Remo para Rumos :)

Remo para Rumos :)