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My book list 2016

arte de rua no Cais do Sodré, em Lisboa

street art in Cais do Sodré, Lisbon

Once I heard that “we are the books we read, the movies we watch …” Since this time, I have realized that I do not want to be only “law books”. I wanted to be literature, self-help, adventure, travel, dramas …

From 2015 onwards, then, I had the initiative to take note the amount of books I read, in addition to those of the legal area.

Many of the books in the list below felt (literally) tears, smiled, prayed with me. All of them, however, unveiled a new vision, a new perspective, a new understanding.

Poliana - não dá para esquecer do jogo do contente. <3

Pollyanna – impossible to forget “the glad game” <3

Here’s my 2016 retrospective …

1) Frankenstein (Mary Shelley)
2) Nelson Mandela (Biography)
3) O outro nome do céu (Mara Vanessa Torres)
4) Futebol-Arte (Jair de Souza, Lúcia Rito e Sérgio Sá Leitão)
5) Retalhos (Craig Thompson)
6) The Hound of the Baskervilles (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)
7) O nome de Deus é misericórdia (Papa Francisco)
8) Um trem para a Suíça (David Coimbra)
9) Memórias de minhas putas tristes (Gabriel Garcia Marques)
10) Criativo e empreendedor, sim senhor (Rafa Cappai)
11)Um lugar na janela (Martha Medeiros)
12)Poliana (Eleanor)
13)Quando o sofrimento bater à sua porta (Pe. Fábio de Melo)
14)A maior flor do mundo (José Saramago)
15)O conto da Ilha Desconhecida (José Saramago)
16)Confissões de um Pecador (Santo Agostinho)
17)O mundo sem anéis – 100 dias em bicicleta (Mariana Carpanezzi)

I am almost finishing to read “Heide”, written by Johanna Spyri, and with pretensions to start some other, but the choice will depend on the mood of the day. 😉

What about you? Do you have a list of books and / or movies to share? I’d love to know in order to inspire me to compose my next lists. :)

It’s worth dreaming

In the midst of the worldwide commotion due to what happened with the Chapecoense equip, I revisited this text that I wrote last year. Football has the power to gather people around a magic that rationality can not explain.

In this space (using more words than usual), I write the details of the emotion that was for me and my family to watch a football game of our team, Corinthians, at the Arena Itaquera, a dream that came true on October 15, 2015.

Corinthiana roxa!

Corinthiana roxa!

“I do not remember when or where. I only know that from the very first days of life, as a photo below of the yellowed family album, perhaps by osmosis (!) or pure unconscious intellection, I recognize myself as a Corinthians fan.

I remember that child, with eight or nine years old, I was already accompanying my father in the afternoons or evenings of soccer in front of the TV, to faithfully cheer for our “Timão”. Not infrequently we have even recorded the most important matches on VHS, so we could watch them again and again. What happened to the final of the 1998 and 1999 Brazilian Championships “Brasileirão” and the 2000 FIFA Mundial de Clubes. Even more modern, father preferred to buy himself on an internet sales site on DVD, all the games Corinthians played in Libertadores da América that resulted in the trip to Japan and the title of World Champion of Club to Corinthians.

Esse é A foto - eu bebê com minha mãe e meu pai, esse último vestindo a camisa do Timão. :)

Esse é A foto – eu bebê com minha mãe e meu pai, esse último vestindo a camisa do Timão. :)

I remember how many times, talking about the endless jokes of fans of opposing teams in the absence of a Corinthian stadium, my father repeated: ‘Daughter, it will not be long and we will have a stadium. At that moment, the first game we’ll see on there, it’ll be all of us together. ‘

The years passed and the team announced that finally there would be a combination of efforts and our Arena would finally be constructed. It was not few times that I saw my father watching on the Internet, sitting in his office in Teresina, with enthusiasm, the evolution of that construction, through cameras installed in the place. He heard nothing but the noise of the building.

Duly ready to be one of the host of FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Arena Corinthians or Arena Itaquera was inaugurated. Each pitch or transmission on the spot made the excitement grow between us and the certainty that someday we would be in  those bleachers with other thousands of fans.

Meu pai e a Arena Corinthians frente a frente. <3

Meu pai e a Arena Corinthians frente a frente. <3

The year 2015 had began and I decided to write on my wish list of that year: ‘Watch a match with my father in the Corinthians Arena’. Ready! From that moment, it became a matter of honor to ‘take the old / new dream from paper’.

Without big plans or resolutions, the fact is that on October 15, 2015, we were together, my father, my mother and sister, sitting in the ranks JJ and KK, of the Western sector of the Corinthians Arena or “Hospice”, among another fans, affectionately named as ‘the bunch of madmen’ . To execute the idea, my sister faced the Paulista bus traffic jam from Ribeirão Preto; My parents took a flight from Brasilia the day before; And I got on a plane a few hours from the match, also coming from the Federal Capital.

No metrô lotado, a caminho de Itaquera.

No metrô lotado, a caminho de Itaquera.

Tickets in hand, we entered the Arena Corinthians, running, because the game had begun 10 minutes before. I do not remember our faces during the entrance. I just remember, while crossing a small footbridge to access the stadium and seeing more than 43 thousand people occupying each space, I looked back to them after raising their arms, as if  we were already celebrating a goal, and opening a smile to my family .

Ecstasy, enchantment, curiosity, joy – HAPPINESS was what I felt at that moment and the other 75 minutes during which we would remain in the place. During this period, I saw tear-filled eyes – on my father’s part, especially – spontaneous celebration.

Corinthians scored three times. Three moments, therefore, of uncontrolled jumps and hugs, of who only lives this experience in the stadium is able to understand. Such a meaningful experience that allows strangers, willingly and spontaneously, to forget differences and embrace themselves as old friends.


Os “manos” chegaram para a foto \o/

Photos, videos, more photos and more videos. We did everything, even finish the moment with a small testimony at the end of the game. After a few hours of the end of the match, we were all back to our realities in Ribeirão Preto, Brasília and Teresina.

That moment served once more to prove that happiness exists and that, as the result of a dream, carries with it all the energy and magnitude of achievement.

It’s worth dreaming! “