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I send postcards

This blog was created to be a space to share with family, friends and anonymous  what I call the “carols little dreams.”

I started writing about the Camino de Santiago, because I had promised to me and many other people, that I would not let what I lived – and still live from this great experience – get lost with me in my memories (there is still a lot to post about it). However, this space is not only about the Way. It goes beyond.

Before Camino and after it, I was/am a person moved to dreams, big and small, which I have had the good fortune to make them come true one by one, at my rhythm. Performing the 820km of the Camino de Santiago considering those conditions, it was rather a big dream that came true. <3

At the same time of these small / big dreams, I am also moved, I would say, for small / big actions that make me feel thankful every day by the grace of being alive. It’s what makes my heart beats faster in everyday life. What makes me feel alive and living … So I will today inaugurate the category of “everyday life” here on the blog. :)

Related to travel, but not limited to that, sending and receiving postcards have become a constant in my life, especially after I had moved for Federal District. It was an affectionate way that I and some friends (who also live in other states) find to keep us present in each other lives. Today, almost two years later, I have a collection of postcards of the most beautiful. <3

Postais <3

Postcards <3

Whenever I travel, I reserve a time on the day’s schedule to sit quietly in a coffee shop and, accompanied by my address book, write each of the postcards with a particular message, then, as if in a ritual, glu each stamp (purchased in shops of souvernirs or tobacconists), carefully adjusted to the designated space (yes, I am this kind of person rs.). Finally, after have finished of this job, I walk, as if I would carry a treasure, looking for some post office around the city, and one by one, let the cards go.

Post sent by Carol Matos, who is living in Floripa.

After have sent the post cards, I delicious myself expecting the messages from the friends, family and boyfriend transmiting the reaction of surprise for have recieved such a beautiful mementos. It is as if the trip that a few days ago had come to the end, it would take some days long, but this time in the hands of those people.

Postal enviado pela Mauri quando esteve em Curitiba.

Post sent by Mauri when she was in Curitiba.

To my surprise, sometimes I am not the only who send postcards. I recieve them. Can I say!? So much joy in this simple act! : D

I really want to perpetuate this habit. They are the most valuable memories and do not take up much space, but bring excessive happiness and affection.

Postal 2

I sent this postcard to myself when I arrived in Santiago de Compostela. ;)



Meeting pilgrims friends

This time I would like to take a break of posting about impressions and stories of my Camino de Santiago, in order to share a bit the experience I had recently with two pilgrims friends in Denmark.

I already talked her names and how we have met on the post about “The friendship on Camino”. They are Jelena and Helle, two dear friends with whom I had empathy since the first contact.

I need to make something clearer: we didn’t have many days of contact during the Camino to Santiago, however we have always promised to ourselves we would see each other again, somewhere. Inspired by that wish, we decided to meet again, this time, in Denmark. We three, together! <3

Jelena would travel from Croatia and I would travel from Brazil. Actually, I managed to flight from Lisbon, where I would spend some days off, to Aarhus, the city next Malling, where Helle lives. We did it! Helle and Jelena picked me up at the airport. I wished have remembered to film the moment I left the door of international arrivals. It was beautiful! We hug each other and were surprised for being wearing “normal” clothes, different from the pilgrim’s looks we used to wear. It was an explosion of joy!



Since the day first, we had moments of surprises. Helle and her family and neigbours were super hosts. We lived five incredible days, full of wine, amazing food and warm people surrounding us.

I will never forget the conversations about the “Camino Francês”; about the plans for a future “Camino Português”; for sharing about life in Croatia, Brazil and Denmark (weather, refugees, politics, football, …); the walking tour in Aarhus; the Christmas dinner (!), in which I gained a beautiful porcelain of Royal Copenhaguen (danish design very common among the young people interests) as a present of have found an almond inside the dessert which name I do not remember anymore; the inspirations from the danish “art of living”; the lessons of pronunciation about some words; the people… Everything was “hyggeligt” (danish word that means something is pleasant, beautiful).

This reunion, besides all the sensations mentioned previously, proved one more time to me how powerful is the wish of making something comes true. We believed we would meet again and we three made it happen.

Gratitude, Camino!

Jelena, eu e Helle

Jelena, me and Helle

Centro de Aarhus

Center of Aarhus

Pratos típicos da Ceia de Natal

Christmas Dinner.

Salivei! :p

Wow! :p

Comida tradicional dinamarquesa

Traditional danish food

Aqui com a Tina - também peregrina- e o Rasmus

Here with Tina – also pilgrim – and Rasmus :)